1. Now if only the Windies would win the next cricket World Cup, yeah, holding my breath here, boss.

  2. When he was winning majors left & right, he had harems of hotties, right? The correlation seems pretty clear.

  3. Not a fan of the t-shirt look.
    Ben Hogan and Sam Snead are rolling over in their graves.

    1. I agree. At least Woods wore slacks with a crease. Most of the rest are wearing skinny leg pants that are a half step from jeans and shoes that resemble mall walker tenny-pumps.
      Most of them dressed like that wouldn’t be allowed in the lunch room of the few country clubs I’ve been in. All required at least a business casual look, some would not even allow a polo shirt, never mind a shirt with no collar like Woods’.

  4. Might have been a round worth watching. At coffee that am one of the guys mentioned he was 2 strokes off the lead. Must have been some good golf there.

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