1. In a rejected version of Ridley Scott’s ALIEN, little Oceana sprouts a beastie from her nape.

  2. Indecently preparing for her forthcoming career as an ‘exotic’ dancer, little Oceana practices working with bubbles.

  3. In this still from a popular 1942 Hollywood ‘short’, Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Oswald trains with new recruit Oceana to improve her ‘wet-work’ ‘survivalist’ skills so essential in the Pacific ‘theatre’.

    No comment was available from Oceana on the success of the Lt. Commander’s instruction methods.

  4. Embarrassed beyond measure by the ‘dingy’ condition of her tub, Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Oswald demonstrates using the new ‘Oceana’ scrubber in hopes of returning to community standards… and once-again enjoying the good ‘graces’ of her ‘whiteness-is-rightness’ family.

    Offering helpful ‘hints’ on speed and stroking and pressure, the makers of the scrubber, Oceana Industries of Occidental Ohio, look on in bemused satisfaction.

  5. Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Oswald playfully ‘bounces’ the forehead of little Oceana on the third re-bound off the tub drain.

    Enjoying her part in their ‘quality’ time together, little Oceana giggles uncontrollably. Ahhh… family life!

  6. Using stress and mis-direction to encourage new recruit Oceana to ‘problem solve’ by ‘thinking’ outside the ‘box’ of water to work-through a draining exercise, Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Oswald of the notorious Red Fleet builds the esteem of her platoon.

  7. As a reward for ‘laying’ one on the edge of the tub instead of issuing forth a ‘floater’, little Oceana is rewarded by her favorite activity == dunking. A grand time was had by all!

  8. With only moments to spare before impending doom, newly-elected American president little Oceana is ‘volunteered’ to drain the ‘swamp’.

  9. Although categorically denying the rumors, Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Oswald is seen ‘encouraging’ the last of her progeny to ‘explore’ their watery domain.

    Little Oceana declined comment, adding “I loves my mummy soooo much!”

  10. Using an officially-approved ‘interview’ technique known as ‘dunking’, Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Oswald of the notorious Red Fleet hopes to ‘acquire’ usable information about the upcoming rebellion from notorious rebel spy ‘Oceana’.

    After only a few hours into the interview, the notorious spy known by her code-name ‘Oceana’ was not so upcoming.

    Hearing the sad news, the rebels packed-up and went home.

    In memory of their esteemed enemy, the notorious Red Fleet erected a large granite memorial, naming little Oceana as a ‘worthy’ opponent. And often in the coming years, visitors to the site often remark about a ‘damp’ sensation as they reach the top of the stairs.

  11. Diagnosing little Oceana with ‘dry mouth’, physicians at the Wetlands Clinic For Children proscribe an unusual treatment.

  12. 1. Tracie was really enjoying her new ‘Home Baptism Kit’ from the Babylon Bee.

    2. “I don’t care how young, no son of mine will ever sport a boy-bun!”

    3. “Your teacher at Pre-K says you ‘identify’ as a girl and we have to call you ‘she?’ Well, I think you ‘identify’ as a fish and we have to call you ‘Nemo.’ Let’s see how that works out.”

    1. Clifford,
      Your ‘Number Three’ receives the highly-regarded LargeMarge Seal Of Approval!

      Quoting from the review:
      “Pleasant in a thoroughly evil sort of way.”
      “Nice inappropriate mis-use of apostrophes.”

  13. The caption for this pic which recently caused trouble for its creator was:

    “When you discover that your six-year-old daughter’s crush is a Black boy.”

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