1. With that first kiss, Winston and Fiona were about to learn two valuable lessons: the pleasures of intimate contact, and the painful abrasiveness of sand.

  2. Encouraged by his haberdasher to experiment with the trending ‘Plus Fours’ sporting-attire, Eduardo confidently ‘woos’ the first of many successful ‘conquests’.

  3. Discarding her ‘sombrero’ in the warm waters of her native Puerto Rico, sultry Mildred Cortez woos another of her many successful ‘conquests’, a certain seniore Emilio O’Casio… and we all know too well the ‘results’ of her devious ways.

  4. Tossing caution to the wind during their ‘frolicking’, Eduardo and Mildred risk a drenching from those dreaded ‘seagull bombs’. I think we can all learn from their youthful mistake == the native ‘strolling-vendors’ sell beach-hats for a reason!

  5. Surreptitiously maneuvering for some ‘second-base’, Mildred is noticeably frustrated by the deft parrying defenses of ‘chaste-until-marriage’ Eduardo.

  6. Slowly realizing his newest ‘sex-doll’ ‘Harmony’ is significantly more buoyant than advertised, Eduardo activates the hidden ‘deflator-valve’ to prolong ‘their’ vacation interaction.

  7. Tragically mis-understanding Newton’s little-known Fourth Law Of Motion == as applied to well-greased beach-resort rollercoasters == Eduardo and Mildred fondly ‘amuse’ each other before their long hike back to the amusement park.

  8. In this rare vintage advertisement for hair-tonic Brylcreem, we catch a glimpse of its many successful ‘applications’ amongst the feminine set. Fortunately for the safety of our fragile planet, a series of UN resolutions outlawed this and other hair-borne ‘management-systems’ within three-miles of navigable waterways.

  9. While Eduardo and Mildred were otherwise ‘occupied’, several opportunistic foraging-crabs decided they preferred the ‘mouth-feel’ of the silage in the two hastily-discarded straw hats.

  10. Using their passionate embrace as a distraction, Eduardo covertly squints one eye to hopefully verify the ‘transparent-when-wet’ properties of Mildred’s cotton ‘foundational-garments ‘.

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