Oops — It’s WHM

Looks like I either missed or forgot that March is, apparently, Women’s History Month.  My apologies to the ladies:  chalk it up to my anarcho-patriarchal oppressive instinct or something.  So in belated honor of the thing, allow me to post some pictures of Historical Women each day for the rest of the month.  Here’s the first:

Photo:  Library of Congress

That’s Audrey Munson, and in historical terms, she was the first American leading actress to appear completely nude in a feature film (Inspiration, 1915).  Here’s a scene from the movie:

Photo:  Wikimedia

As I stated above, more historical ladies will appear on these pages until Sunday March 31.  And once again, my apologies to the ladies.

And for the easily-shocked / prudish:  it’s not smut, it’s history.


  1. Thanks for the mammaries.

    Since Feb is Negro history month and Mar is Women history month I believe Jan should be Caucasian Man history month.

    But then, Caucasian Man history is so extensive it needs to be spread evenly through all of the months so that none are marginalized or under represented or disprivileged.

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