‘Tis The Season

It’s heading towards springtime, which means the racing season in Britishland is getting underway — and we all know that “racing season” equates to “Train Smash Women On The Hoof”…well, except for the first race on the calendar (Cheltenham, in Oxfordshire), wherein the ladies as a rule are more, shall we say, restrained.  Of course, the fact that it was a.) chilly and b.) pouring with rain might have helped maintain a little decorum:


Even Liz Hurley was quite discreet — and how often can one say that?

Of course, Kim’s Latest Object Of Desire looked, well, Carol-some:

…and Top Gear’s Grand Tour’s Richard Hamster (and Mrs. Hamster) were likewise dapper:

Of course, there were those who didn’t get the memo:

But overall, it seemed as though everyone had a good time:

Next up, however, is Liverpool’s Aintree.  I can hardly wait…


  1. Jeez, what a collection.
    That hoe in the orange has a mouth that looks like you could stick her to the side of the fridge.

    The fag in the rainbow is hunched over because of the extensive block party in its anus 2 nights ago.

  2. As usual, a great collection of pics of UK ladies. You have a knack for finding extraordinary looking British women, beautiful and well dressed right down to ugly, crazy and addled, dressed in rags.

    Even so, I’m in the UK 2 or 3 times a year these days, mostly London, and the place is packed with stunningly good looking beautifully dressed women. It’s got a much better average than anyplace else I’ve been, except maybe Prague.

    1. Fred, you just half-answered yourself.
      Those beautiful women you’ve been seeing in London are probably Polish or other Eastern European immigrants.

  3. I used to travel to Cheltenham quite a bit for work, first at Smiths Aerospace, later purchased by GE. Lovely part of England and the scenery above comports nicely. I believe it’s in Gloucestershire, not Oxfordshire, though it’s been a while, so I may remember that incorrectly.

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