Quote Of The Day

From Jim Wilson, talking (as we have been doing here for a week or so — and as has this article) about defensive chamberings:

The purpose of a firearm in the hands of a defensive shooter is not to kill an attacker. The purpose of the defensive handgun is to stop an attack and to stop it as soon as is humanly possible. What they seem to not understand is that these small calibers, while perfectly capable of causing death, may cause death hours, sometimes days, after the person has been shot.

And that’s it, right there.  In other words, “stopping power” is the sine qua non of defensive shooting.


  1. While that quote is true, it’s nice to know that a hole all the way through the perp’s head insures he won’t stalk you in the future.

    Carry and behave as if your life depended on it.

    Remus rule: Avoid crowds
    Ghostsniper rule: Avoid people

  2. “A bad guy took 17 rounds from a Glock 21 (.45ACP) firing Gold Dots and he didn’t fall down”

    Practice the head shots, people. Cooper had students work the Mozambique Drill for a reason, and manufacturers don’t spend money to put a front sight on the gun as a decorative ornament. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to shoot an entire IPSC/IDPA/ICORE/3-GUN match head-shots-only, points and score be damned; “you play like you practice” gets said a lot in sports because it’s true.

    And an extra mag or three ain’t a bad an idea, either. Don’t know that you need 8 of ’em – Real Life isn’t a long IPSC stage (until it is…..).

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