Random Totty

She started off getting a first-class university degree.  Then she went around the world seeking out unexploded ordinance, and became a bomb disposal expert, neutralizing forgotten minefields.  After that, she “dated” (had a brief but intense affair with) Prince Harry (back when he had balls).  Then she appeared on some stupid Brit “reality” show and became really famous when she shagged her “boyfriend” on TV.  (In mitigation, they are still together, several years later)

Meet Camilla Thurlow:

Frankly, I think ol’ Harry lost out, big time.


  1. “Frankly, I think ol’ Harry lost out, big time.”

    Any bird who can defuse old landmines and still looks hot in a ballistic vest should have been at the front of the line for Harry.

    Instead, even as a former helicopter gunship pilot, he is not allowed to engage in the long standing Brit pursuit of shooting pheasant because his Hollywood bint missus said “NO”!

    Handed his testicles in at the altar, methinks.

  2. It would appear that her EOD ‘experiences’ were nothing more than modeling shoots….she certainly doesn’t look like she was crawling (or even down in) the dirt, with clean khakis and polished boots…

    1. Right. You don’t dig up old demolitions, they are inherently unstable, they blow em in place. I was a 12B.

  3. At least she has nice legs, rather than some that look like they should be gripped on a perch somewhere.

    Oh, and she has tits to. Tits are very important.

    Sparkles, look on and weep.

  4. So, England is back to having two women with trim, well-turned ankles. Hurray! For a long time it was just Princess Di and Liz Hurley and then, you know, that happened. Very cute.

  5. Well done Sir. A quantum improvement above the last slapper you posted as a totty. I detect a civilising influence in your life.

      1. I might stand corrected, but this week I have my dander up, so –
        Liverpool was once a swamp, or a tidal flat, or something boggy.
        Then it found commerce. Then Irish immigrants. Then the Beatles.
        I never got to Liverpool, but I surely will not accept Liverpuddlians as the World authority on anything (except the Beatles).
        “Totty” – definition of. A sexually desirable woman ( crikey, probably a rare or endangered species by now). Miss Goldsmith (Mrs Khan) is a Londoner with nick-name of “Totty”, and I can see why.
        But Liverpool! Scouse! Spare us, KdT. Stop the secret take-over of language by that bunch, because they use a dialect, and argot, that is not even English.
        (And I still hold they view that you are improving and mellowing)

  6. An overbite that could open a bottle of beer through a chain link fence, what’s not to like about that?

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