Random Totty

As far as I can make out, this creature became famous by watching TV, on TV.¬† (I know, let’s hear it for that “quality” Brit TV we keep hearing about.)¬† It seems as though Scarlett Moffat was quite plump back then:

…but she has since lost quite a bit of weight — thankfully, not in the wrong places — and now looks quite appetizing:

From all accounts, Miss Scarlett’s brain operates on the level of rice pudding, but that hasn’t stopped people like Sean Penn,¬†Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Alyssa Milano from being successful, so I guess it’s not relevant.


  1. Shame about the rice pudding brain.

    Rather have an ugly dame I can talk to and get along with than a beautiful bubble head.

  2. Drinking straight from the beer bottle may be excusable in Texas or Aust when you are at a BBQ and wish to keep the flies out of the glass.
    Anyone who sucks beer straight from the bottle whilst living in Britishland is a lazy, clueless, classless, loud-mouthed numpty. And to have glass near the pool is inconsiderate.
    Nothing nice about her at all. Throw her back.
    Sorry Kim, I do not mean to discourage you, please try again soon.

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