I’m Special

If there’s anything that’s guaranteed to piss me off (other than all legislation proposed by socialists), it’s when some asswipe thinks that rules don’t apply to them because, well… because.

I’m not talking about regulations or laws, by the way;  I’m talking about rules of an establishment, or of a gathering:  that sort.  Nothing pisses me off much more than when a restaurant has a dress code, and some dickhead arrives in a t-short and shorts demanding to be seated — and nothing cheers me more than when he is told by said restaurant’s management to fuck off (politely or, preferably, rudely).

Here’s a case in point:

A bride was faced with the awkward task of asking guests to leave her wedding after they brought their children along — even though she had explicitly warned that it was a child-free event in the invitation.
The anonymous woman posted her story on Reddit this week, recalling the drama that unfolded when a family friend and her husband brought their unwelcome toddler and infant to her big day.
Though she tried to handle it tactfully, the exchange soon grew heated and she asked the couple to leave — a decision that thousands of Redditors have now defended, telling her she was well within her rights.

Of course she was.  I wonder what makes someone think, when they see on the invitation that children are not welcome, that “Oh well… I’m going to take my kids anyway!”

What did they think would happen?

And then, when asked to leave, “the exchange soon grew heated” ?  So now you get all aggro when confronted about your appalling lack of manners?

Here’s another one:

A mother has come under scrutiny after a video of her raging at a dog handler for not allowing her daughter to pet a service dog went viral.
In the altercation filmed on December 19, Megan Stoff was with a golden retriever, Nala, in a busy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shopping mall, when a mother and her young daughter approached them.
Asking if her daughter could pet the working pooch, Megan and a co-worker told the mother ‘no’, as petting a service dog can interfere with its training.
Allegedly, just minutes later, after walking away the woman returned in a rage and began shouting at Megan and her co-workers.
The mother says: ‘That was definitely very rude how she talked to me.
‘Firstly you should have a sign [saying not to touch the dog], and secondly she should not have said “no”, she could’ve said “sorry the dog is in training”, that would’ve been nicer.’
Megan tells the woman to walk away, and points out Nala’s vest has the words ‘Please do not pet me I’m working’ written on both sides of it, along with ‘Do not touch’ and ‘Do not pet’.
She adds that it’s illegal to ‘harass a service dog’.
Expressing her contempt at the manner in which she was told ‘no’, the mother soon realizes she’s being filmed and tensions escalate further when she threatens to call her lawyer.

Once again:  despite a clearly-posted rule, some asshole decides that the rules don’t apply to her — and then, when the transgression (and lack of manners) is pointed out to her, she loses her shit.

All because her lickle itty-bitty kiddie wasn’t allowed to pet a dog.  And don’t get me started on the calling-in-the-lawyers part.  Were I the dog trainer and been threatened with lawyers, I’d have called in the cops and had the bitch arrested — and pressed charges — because, duh, it’s illegal to interfere with a service dog, and the silly woman should be called on her idiocy and lack of manners.

There was a custom back in my favorite era (VIctorian / Edwardian times) when a lack of manners would occasion being thrashed with a riding-crop or cane, in public, by the person being offended.  Along with so many other institutions of the time, I want to see this one brought back.

5 Worst Christmas Golden Book Titles

In ascending order of appalling:

  • “Your Dad Is Actually Santa Claus” by  Ayn Rand
  • “How To Drink Rum Eggnog Like A Grownup” by  Captain Morgan
  • “Getting The Expensive Presents You Really  Want:  A Child’s Guide To Blackmail” by  Stormy Daniels
  • “Santa Claus:  Just Another White Male Oppressor” by  Andrea Dworkin
  • “Jesus Christ:  Jew Bastard” by  Ayotollah Khameini

Your nominations in Comments.

Trump, You Idiot

The story of the late Bush 41 — a man respected by many and distrusted by an equal number — should have proved an object lesson to the once-god-emperor Trump, but it seems like Trump doesn’t want to learn from history unless it’s his own history.  Which makes him an idiot.  Here’s why.

Facing election, Bush 41 got what would be the loudest cheers of his entire presidency when he made the unequivocal statement:  “Read my lips: no new taxes! ”  Well, we all know what happened later:  “no new taxes” became a “great big huge tax”, passed as part of a deal made with arch-socialist and “Lion Of The Senate” Senator Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy.  The result for Bush?  The loss of the Presidency, because the Republican base, which hates taxes of any kind let alone new big ones, felt they’d been betrayed by the President.

Anyone see any parallels with the current incumbent, Trump 45?  Here it is:  “We’re going to build a wall to secure our southern border:  a big, beautiful wall!

And now, this week?  No wall.  Why no wall?  So he can keep a friendly working relationship with not one but TWO Congressional Socialists, Chuck “No-Guns” Schumer and future Repeat-House Speaker “Red” Nancy Pelosi?

Then Trump 45 gets pissed off when Ann Coulter — the same Ann Coulter who back in early 2016 predicted Trump’s eventual Republican nomination, to the loud jeers of a Jon Stewart audience  — entitles one of her articles “Gutless President In Wall-Less Country“.

Well guess what, Donald old chum:  just like Bush 41, you’ve managed to piss off your most loyal supporters, the ones who thought you were different, the ones who thought that if anyone could build a big, beautiful wall it would be a billionaire property developer.

Too bad you fucked up.  And here’s another lesson you’re about to learn from Bush 41 (a.k.a. President Juan Term):  just as Bush 41’s with Kennedy, your “partnership” with Schumer and Pelosi will last as long as the wet ink on the surrender document (“continuing resolution”) that you’re about to sign tomorrow (Friday).  On Monday morning (if not Saturday morning), they’ll go back to sabotaging what’s left of your your agenda, attempting to have you impeached, and turning what was to be a transformational presidency into just another fucking swamp.  Your last two years in the Presidency are going to be dead in the water, and nothing you said would happen, will happen.  And you will go from God-Emperor Trump to President Juan Term II.

I hope it was all worth it, you blithering moron.

“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim,
“My daughter, a former TV actress, married very well — in fact, she married into Britain’s Royal Family.  Since her wedding, I’ve been texting her every day but she ignores my texts (I believe it’s called “ghosting” nowadays).
What can I do to get her to respond to me?”

—  Shunned In California

Dear Shunned:
Missing from your letter is how often you texted her before she “married well”.  If the answer is “every day”, then you have a legitimate gripe, and the callous little bitch is a social climber of the worst kind.
If, however, the answer is “never” or “hardly ever” or “only to beg her for money”, then you’re the dickhead and she’s well rid of you.

— Dr. Kim