1. Ah yes, memories of my High School years amid raging hormones…..

    I already took a hot shower today, now I need a cold one.

  2. As much as I appreciated Jennifer in WKRP (And appreciate this post ), I was more of a Bailey Quarters (Jan Smithers) guy. Maybe because the Lonis of the world were so obviously out of my league, but the Jans _might_ be realistically approachable.

    1. Same here. Nothing against LA (pretty, great body), but Jan Smithers was far more attractive to me. And, if I recall correctly, she looked damned fine in a bikini herself.

  3. I spent my high school summer vacations deckhanding on fishing boats. One summer Burt Reynolds had his yacht moored to a private dock nearby, which we all inspected very carefully with our binoculars – to verify the vessel was seaworthy, of course. That Loni Anderson may have been catching some rays on the deck in her bikini was purely ancillary.

    Incidentally, I took my deckhanding duties seriously. I started as a lowly bait boy. Once I became really proficient, I was promoted to Master Baiter.

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