Fan Support: The Rest

We conclude this scholarly study of international fan support of football (soccer) teams with a quick glimpse at the world outside the Americas and Europe, starting with the Far East:

And next door:

Meanwhile in (South) Africa:

Although it should be said that in Seffrica, as in the U.S., there’s more support for the oval ball:

While the same is true Down Under:

Then there are the Turkettes:

And speaking of Muslim assholes, let’s give some special appreciation to the ladies from Iran who support their national team.  Even though they are pretty much banned from watching the matches in Iran because Islam, they can support their team in away matches:

Although it should also be known that if they wore those same outfits in Teheran, they’d be stoned to death as whores.

One wonders what the ayatollahs would think of this Muslim creature from Albania:

In Iran or Saudi Arabia, she’d be stoned to death;  here in the U.S. of A., she’d be offered a modeling contract.  Which system is better?  I report, you decide.


  1. Those happy, sexy women aren’t Iranian, Kim–they’re Persian.

    Iranians are angry fundamentalists. Persians know how to have *fun*.

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