1. Over at the Ace of Spades blog, commenter Scogg Dog posits his own version of the usual zero-to-ten scale, thusly:

    The true scale is binary, consisting of only a Zero or a One. Zero is you wouldn’t hit it, period. “One?” One is when it reaches the threshold of “you would hit it”. And anything past that is gravy.

    Those creatures, from this limited perspective, appear to all reside on the “zero” end of that scale. And that’s trying my best to imagine sans hideous outfits.

    Oh, in my younger days, there were times when alcohol overcame the objectivity. And I look back and shudder, still.

    Were those women in the U.S., do you have any doubt as to how they’d vote? *shudder, mk II*

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  2. What we really need is a beefy, hefty, overweight, loud mouthed, drunken, female tourist competition.

    So far the Brits and Germans are running neck and neck, but the Russians are coming up fast, elbowing the Arabs in the head in a fight for second place.

    But most Arabs are Muslim and don’t drink alcohol said the foolish victim of official Arab propaganda. That’s at home, maybe, but let loose into the wide world, wow. But that’s why my money is on the Russian ladies – they get plenty of practice, so can hold their liquor better and stay upright and loud longer than the Arab ladies can.

    Americans are hopeless at this contest, but dominate the screaming, bitchy social justice warrioress contests, worldwide.

  3. I’ve long thought Danny DeVito’s performance on Friends was “worst cop stripper ever” but the broad in the second pic raised (?) the bar.

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