I can’t believe that Monica Bellucci is 53.  (Of course, to an old codger like me, everyone younger than I looks 15 years old, especially with my crap eyesight.)  But back to Miss Bellucci.  Here’s a recent pic:

…and a close-up:

I’m suspecting some kind of Faustian deal here.  For comparison purposes only [coff coff], here are pics of a somewhat earlier vintage:

The sands of time seem to have treated this particular hourglass extraordinarily well.


  1. Kim, you should check out Morena Baccarin, she’s a knockout. I first became aware of her in the show Firefly, where she portrayed a high priced courtesan named Inara Serra. She looked like a million dollars on the show. And speaking of, you really should watch Firefly. I know you’re not a fan of science fiction, the show is more of a Western that happens to occur in space. Some of the best TV in the last 20 years. Very conservative/libertarian leaning show. I bet once you start watching you’ll be hooked. Great pics of her here:


    1. She was in the first Deadpool movie as well, of course. Heck, all the female crewmembers of Firefly are knockouts:


      Left to right: Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and Gina Torres. And though not a crewmember, the one and only Christina Hendricks as YoSaffBridge shines brightly on her own.

  2. Monica Bellucci back in the day was possibly the most beautiful woman in the world and still looks great!

  3. Looking at her face it’s about the same state as my wife’s who is turning 50…soon.

    So yeah, I can believe it.

    And yeah, she’s welcome to join us anytime my wife says ok…not holding my breath though.

  4. I am sure it is not just me, but I would much rather a woman age gracefully, like this, and own the lines in her face and the few gray hairs. She is much hotter than some of the Hollywood stars who have had work done on themselves, and end up looking like a bad attempt at making a robot that looks human.

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