Striking Beauty

Out of sheer boredom, I was watching some piece of Netflix tripe called Designated Survivor, which is a peculiar mixture of dystopia and liberal bollocks (Cliff Notes: don’t bother).  Ordinarily, shows of this ilk get about ten minutes’ attention before I move on to another offering, but I didn’t do so with this one, and watched the entire first season.


Because the female costar was the astonishing Brit actress Natascha McElhone:

She’s one of those rare beauties who looks good even when she’s not made up and posed:

Ultimately, though, the basic premise of the show was settled by the final episode of Season 1, so the next (or any other future) season will remain unwatched.  And by the way:  Kiefer Sutherland (the show’s protagonist) is a total wuss.  [2,000 words about Canadian actors deleted]


  1. Indeed, made up or not she’s a head-turner.
    An accomplished actress, other than Ronin a review of her filmography doesn’t move my “saw that” viewing needle. Perhaps I’m too long under a rock.

  2. I loved the first episode, when the capital and all those stinking pols were blown to smithereens.

  3. Orson Scott Card recommended this show in his review column a couple of weeks after it came out, so my wife and I gave it a go. The 1st few episodes weren’t too bad, but then it just got boring, so I think we only manged 4 episodes before we stopped.

    Totally agree about the actress’s pulchritude, though.

    1. Solaris Yes, the American remake with Clooney. You can fast forward to Missy’s scenes.
      Ronin The driving scenes are good. Also Sean Bean’s humiliation. Fast forward useful.
      The Devil’s Own plays a bad girl. Ford and Pitt as Irishmen … please!
      Surviving Picasso plays Françoise Gilot, Picasso’s long time live-in. Very nice.

      A favorite from the first second I laid eyes on her. Stunning.

  4. It’s the cheekbones…in fact the whole bone structure is striking as hell. If she has the good sense to stay the hell away from plastic surgery she’ll still be drop dead gorgeous when she’s 70.

  5. Sam : So, how’d you get started in this business?

    Dierdre : A wealthy scoundrel seduced and betrayed me.

    Sam : Same with me. How about that?

  6. Were Ms. McElhone the sole star of Designated Survivor with everyone else as supporting cast, it would be eminently watchable. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

    Predictable Hollywood Leftard crap; while it initially showed promise, I admitted defeat about halfway through season 1 and slogged through a forced march to its conclusion, hoping against all known that it might regain some degree of sanity; not to be, I’m afraid. Should the Tom Kirkmans of the world, as portrayed by Mr. Sutherland, be representative of a designated survivor, there’s little to recommend the practice. I think I’d prefer the random selection of a 40-year-old auto mechanic from Knoxville or a restaurant owner from Baton Rouge in his place.

    Note to the producers: Next time have all the female actors perform naked; it won’t make the show any better but might make it somewhat less unenjoyable to watch.

  7. I thought “Ronin” had some very great actors and was a great deal of fun, but slightly missed something to make it a great movie. Deirdre was great as beautiful *and* competent, *and* likely deadly. I kept expecting her to show up in another good film.

  8. If you are on Netflix, take a look at “Mr. Sunshine”, set in Korea about the time of the Russo-Japanese war. Amazing stuff coming out of Korea these days.

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