1. Physical defect? What utter bilge. However if nothing else this teapot tempest proves that the Russkis have not been completely routed by the PC mob. Not a defect, indeed it’s a virtual necessity for actresses, but at the same time I think it’s fair to say that our hormone addled single-minded male lizard brains would rate these sultry paragons of beauty much sexier if they sported a C-cup forecastle. And no that’s not a defect either.

    1. Not a fan of the poutier than thou look, regardless of bewbage. Needs a pretty smile, too. Myrna Loy comes closest in this series. Though even she looks like she’s thinking ‘Who is this idiot?’

  2. Maria Alba (From the 1932 film “Mr. Robinson Crusoe” with Douglas Fairbanks)

    Brigitte Helm is not tiny, but not large. See Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”.

  3. I like large breasts. My second wife was from Ukraine and certainly didn’t have any “physical defect”. At the same time, any list of sexiest women that didn’t include both Jean Harlow and Myrna Loy would just be wrong.

  4. Two old friends talking about their breast size:
    First girl: Well to keep the guys interested all I have and really need is a handful.
    Second girl: I don’t know, I seem to get by pretty well, and all I have is a mouthful.

    I would have been happy with either one, or better yet, both!

  5. Those four young ladies were unfortunately the victims of a nutritionally deprived childhood – there was a lot of that then.

  6. They’re only too small if I mistake her for a boy with her shirt off.

    I’ve never met that woman yet. (*knocks on wood*)

  7. All of these ladies have assets that are in naturally proportion to the rest of their bodies. Surely there can be nothing worse than over inflated (literally) artificially mahooosive jugs that swing off an undersized rib cage? Well, unless of course it’s also accompanied by the equally artificially made what I understand is called ‘junk in the trunk’ . Does any man think that’s a good look? The former makes a woman’s body look like it’s going to overbalance and the latter makes them look like a centaur.

  8. I would like to note that Grace Kelly had a B cup, same as Jean Harlow (and Katherine Hepburn). Defective? Hah!

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