Hairstyles, Again

Most actresses adopt a “look” when they become famous, and they pretty much stick to it as it becomes their identifying feature — e.g. Veronica Lake’s hair falling over her eye:

However, the exquisite Anne Baxter was not one of those;  in fact, one of her trademarks was to change her hairstyle often (not just to fit the movie role she was playing, either).  I’ll leave it to others to decide which worked and which didn’t, because whatever she did, nothing seemed to affect her flawless beauty.

Anne Baxter


Then there was Anne being coquettishly sexy:

Her most famous pic was actually a mistake:  only after it was released did everyone realize that the hairstyle wasn’t the point [sic] of the photo:

I know, I know… I just broke one of the cardinal rules of my blog.  Don’t care.  Enjoy.


  1. What beautiful, feminine clothes – aside from the baby doll thing.

    For me, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Red, black, blonde, curly, straight, whatever, but ALWAYS long. At the age of 59 mine is now longer than when I was 16 and gets complimented regularly by both men and women. It isn’t cheap to look after but every penny is worth it.

  2. Her voice alone was would be worth it….can you imagine her purrring in that husky voice to ya in bed? MOSSSSESS….MOSSSESS …. LOL

  3. Moses, Moses, Moses!

    Oops, somebody beat me to it. Oh well!

    The Ten Commandments had a lot of hotties in it. Yvonne DeCarlo, for instance. Kim, I bet you’d be all over that! I seem to remember Ten Commandments once being described as the most vulgar movie ever made.

    Kim, you should do Hedy Lamarr. She was a hottie in those old Bible story movies, too, Samson and Delilah being a classic example. She turned it up to 11 in that one.

  4. The Ten Commandments was a work-around on the Hayes Office.
    Religious bio-pics were given great latitude, and CBdeM took every advantage he could.

  5. I’m guessing that the publicity department at Paramount was about 90% male back in the day. Su-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ure they didn’t notice.

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