1. I don’t have a witty comment, but I would love to know why she’s running what looks like a chamber flag and some sort of weird magwell block.

    1. Dust cover is open and that’s tape or some device from where the mags are strapped together

    2. I’m guessing she’s IDF – the “magwell block” on the base of a full mag is SOP for them, securely keeps a full 30 very close to hand and a glance confirms the mag isn’t in the rifle, so it’s “safe”*

      As for the flag, I’m guessing it’s something similar to Hornady’s Rapid Rack, which is a terrific tool for “approved” rifle carry in “managed” environments. (FYI, Hornady recently contracted to sell 100K to the Saudis, so if you want a RR, order soon. Also FYI, because of how they work, order several because if you ever need to use it, it probably will not be recovered).

      * Unknown Russki: “Is gun, is not safe.”

  2. Looked at this picture again, and had a thought: consider the cultural differences between Israel’s society and America’s, specifically: someone, anyone, out in public with a functonal AR slung over their shoulder.

    Israel has been in existence only 70 years and AFAIK, doesn’t have anything like the Second Amendment; America began 240 years ago with the mission of establishing freedom and liberty, placing clear, concrete language in its founding document (supposedly) ensuring the basic right to possess, under nearly all circumstances, arms necessary for protection of self and community – immediately behind the language ensuring freedom of speech, religion, assembly, etc. The young woman in the pic is simply going about her daily business; I cannot think of anyplace in the US where repeating that photo would not have the bottles on the shelf reflecting flashing blue lights.

    And, yes, I understand Israel’s position and condition, and those of its neighbors and detractors, making such routine “accessorizing” both necessary and commonplace, but please tell me how different things are in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem versus Baltimore or South Central LA.

    Where, and just how, did this get so screwed up?

  3. It appears that the IDF has the same rules for weapons carry as we did in Kuwait: The soldier has to be in possession of the weapon and at least one mag, but they are not permitted to insert the mag into the mag well. At the PX/BX they used to sell a nylon pouch that would attach to the stock of the rifle for exactly this purpose, i.e. to keep the loaded mag with the weapon but not in it.

    WRT the picture at hand, as fetching as it might appear, the story I’ve heard (and yes, I know, this is the internets…) is that this is likely an IDF soldier who is on leave from their equivalent of basic training and/or that carrying the weapon is a kind of “corrective training” for her (as in, perhaps she left her weapon unattended at some point and her punishment, therefore, is that she has to carry it with her at all times. The official term would be ‘corrective training’ but of course it’s actually a punishment.)

    Anyone that has actually had to carry a long gun (even a shorty M4) knows that it’s a complete PITA to carry said weapon everywhere you go and to try and conduct normal activities of life while carrying it.

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