Much Better

Ascot is known as the “Queen’s Race” over in Britishland, and thankfully, there is at least a little more decorum shown by the racegoers when the monarch is present.

Here’s Dame Helen Mirren, wearing Floral Camo:

…and Olympian goldie Vicky Pendleton:

and a few other classy totties:

Of course, there’s always someone who didn’t get the message and won’t be allowed into the dress-coded Royal Enclosure:

…but considering the amount of Pimm’s available (in jugs, no less), everyone seemed to be on their best behavior.

Which is good for Ascot, but no good for Kim’s photo collection of Train Smash Women.  Ah well, there’s always next year at Aintree…


  1. Have you been to Ascot racecourse? The price they charge for Pimms makes Norwegian alcohol look a bargain!

  2. I love the hats! I’m of an age when I can remember many women wearing hats to church even in low church dissenter (Baptist or Methodist) congregations. Now we see them in t-shirts, ripped up jeans, and flip flops. I’m glad to see anybody in church because this old man thinks that it does them and society in general some good, but people should dress up a little out of respect for the traditions of our civilization such as it is.

  3. Hellen Mirren has always been a class act. Not the most stunning of any acting crowd, but has that “something” and a force of will on the screen that is unmatched. That photo shows the humor as well as the class.

    1. I understand that she’s a flaming liberal – as are almost all upper crust Brits these days – but that scene in REDs where she’s banging away with the Ma Deuce gives this old man about as much wood as he can raise these days.

  4. Say what you will about the old battle axe, but she’s been a model of taste and decorum for a VERY long time. It’s a shame 98% of England no longer seems to give a damn about such things any longer.

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