1. I know MY bank does. They keep nagging me online that I need to update my employment information. So what? Yeah, I owe them significant five (almost six) figures. Things like mortgage and helocs and credit cards and… But I still believe if I keep paying the bills, it’s nunya. As in business. Who’s with me?


  2. ^ “Who’s with me?
    Me for sure! The smarmy or sneaky way they ask for more info is particularly irritating. For me, it’s a pop up window obscuring my account page asking for everything up to and including including my firstborn’s blood type, implying I just have to do this or the world will end with a SWAT team seizing my assets and my firstborn. It takes a takes a hard search, but then I find out I can click on some little itty bitty X, bypass the popup and go on to my account without giving up more info.
    Fuggem, the nosey, grasping bastards.

  3. One is tempted to arrange for a sweaty working man to swagger up to little miss triggere and say “Hey, honey, show us your tits!”

    She’s have a combination massive heart attack and anurism and never bother anyone again.

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