“Ladies” Day

And the parade of Train Smash Women continues at Aintree, on the inaptly-named Ladies Day:



…and just to prove my point, here’s my favorite Train Smash Woman of all, the wonderful Lisa Appleton:

Speaking of umbrellas, here’s one who matched her brolly not with her outfit, but with her tattoo:

Amazingly (and unusually for Aintree), not all the women were hideous:



…albeit sometimes quite alarming:

…but “pretty” ain’t the way to bet at the Grand National:

And there was so much more to come when the booze started to flow…

I know, I’m so weak. I just can’t help myself. Moth, meet candleaaaaaargh….

I love them all, these Train Smash Women.


  1. The redhead in green looks like she could swing a mean Claymore, it is those viking genes methinks and she is not at all unpleasant on the eyes.

    But tell me, is this now the norm in the UK, to get puking drunk in public at any outdoors event ?

    As a side observation, it would appear that the tat craze now completely dominates certain strata of society in the anglosphere. Have not seen as much in Oz, but I am sure it is there.

    1. Who convinced women that ankle high combat boots looked good with anything other than fatigues? She does wear them better than the green boots on the plus size girl with the pink and green hair in Friday’s post. Its sad to think that these so called ladies may look in the mirror before they leave the house and say “Wow, I’m looking good…”

  2. A few hundred years ago I think England and other European countries had laws regulating what peasants could wear. Never understood the need until now however on some of those fillies every wrinkle and fold would be a new adventure. It also appears that nursing babies will be well fed, if they like plastic but that’s none of my business.

    1. I might suggest that at least some of the fathers here were in the “who done it and ran?” category.

  3. Perchance, is Daintree in the middle of dairy-ing country? Did some of the milkers escape, perhaps running through the clothes-line on their dash to freedom?

    And the two bleached women in white reminds me of the barmaid who had “mild” tattoo-ed on one breast, and “bitter” on the other. (Must have been before the days of lager-louts)

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