And They’re Off !

So after the Class of Cheltenham comes the Ass of Aintree (a.k.a. the Great Train Smash Women Pageant):

Okay, okay… there were a couple of sorta-decent specimens there too, although one has to look hard to find them:



  (girl needs a suntan, badly)

Best line of the day: “According to racecourse bosses, there’s no strict dress code for the festival as there is for Royal Ascot”, and accordingly the Train Smash Women are just overwhelming (in every sense of the word):



…and it’s only Day ONE !!!!


  1. When the well fed common folk dress up, shortage of mirrors, shortage of fabric and they have a ‘special’ sense of style. Kind of like hookers with too much mileage, ride at your own risk.

  2. Oh for shame, thou sceptered Isle., what have we become?

    Let us hang our heads in shame and lament sagely ‘Pikeys and Scousers’. P.s. Jeezus, no wonder there aren’t any flamingos in Britishland!!

    1. TB:
      Garn, you’d love to have been there, tarting it up with the Scousers. I know yer old man would have loved it — just for the betting, though.

  3. Wow. English women, by and large, were not blessed with good genetics.

    These “ladies” have no pride.

  4. Vera Lynn lovingly sang “There Will Always Be An England”, but at this point one has to wonder: Why?

  5. Do they have Wal-Mart’s in England? If so, they were empty the day those photos were taken. Or did they fly those babes in from the US on a wide body heavy lift transport?

  6. That really needed to come with a warning. I just felt a terrible disturbance in my gut…as if every bit of decency and good taste had been sucked out of the room.

  7. That lass in black and white you said needed a tan looks just fine to me.

    As for many of the others, the less said the better.

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