My Favorite Color

I remember seeing this and laughing out loud:

Ditto. I wish I knew the origins of my fatal attraction towards redheads. Was it first-grade crush Judy Hickman, who wouldn’t let me kiss her all the way through fifth grade, when I left the school, my longing forever unrequited? Or was it flame-haired teacher Miss Cooke, who set my boyish heart aflutter every time she came to school with her gorgeous red tresses flowing down over her shoulders instead of being tied up in the normal stern bun?

I have no idea. Nor do I wish to examine it in too close a detail now, because I’m old and it’s too late. So here are a few who have caught me over the years:

…and to prove my point:

And just in case you’re think I’m stuck in the past — an altogether fair observation in most cases — here are a couple of youngins:

Priceless, every single one of them. Feel free to add your favorite gingers in Comments.

Dramatis personae, from the top:

Amy Adams
Kate Walsh
Julianne Moore
Jill St. John
Ann-Margret (again, because Ann-Margret)
Karen Gillan (who turned the TV show Doctor Who into Doctor Who?)
Nicola Roberts (of the pop band Girls Aloud)


    1. Kate Winslet is actually a brunette, as is Christina Hendricks. In the words of the great James Bond, I prefer my collar and cuffs to match…

  1. I’m with you on this; I don’t want to live in a world without redheads, even though they’ve handed me most of the heartbreak I’ve had over the years.

  2. Two thoughts:
    First, when they found the gene for red hair in the DNA of Neandertals, I wondered about the origin of the “red devils.” Also, wondered if the fiery notorious temper of redheads had its origins in prehistory.

    Second, why did they go extinct with that flaming asset.

    Well anyway, I think we should pour a bit of single malt and salute our almost ancestors for this delightful addition to human diversity.

    1. I was driving one day, and spotted a Neanderthal riding a bicycle. Seriously. He had bright red hair.

      As for Karen Gillan, like some other Doctor Who actors and actresses, she crossed the pond to seek success in the USA. The role she wound up with was as Nebula in the Marvel universe movies Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2. Unfortunately she’s buried so deep in makeup and prosthetics she’s unrecognizable. Pity.

  3. Of course, Ann-Margaret……..
    I went to see her in Vegas in the early 80’s – she was pretty long in the tooth by then and STILL, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!

  4. Count me in like a moth to the flame. It is playing with fire. They tend to be mercurial. I lived with three redheads once. Unfortunately, they all occupied the same body. For the purpose of your post, one of my favorites is Cassandra Peterson who plays Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Unbearably fetching when the stage makeup comes off.

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