Caption Competition #1

Here’s something I’d like to try, just to test y’all’s creativity and sense of humor: “Caption This Picture”. (The captions can be as dark, stupid, outrageous or smutty as you want, I don’t care.) If this idea proves to be popular and / or makes me laugh, then I’ll make it a regular feature.

Take a look at the picture below, and add your own caption in Comments.


  1. Faced with the stunning realization that there were only four cock slots available on the Mk 1 Mod 0 female, the five Beatles decided to become a quartet instead.

  2. I’m reviewing the situation and after three Johnny Walker’s and water I’m declaring myself the winner, your judgement and mileage may vary. Those are three homo’s trying to get their hands on a skinny young girl because as a lesbian friend of mine once said, they all wish they were a skinny young girl. Sorry if you don’t agree, I don’t make the rules. (If there ever were any rules about nonesense.)

  3. The Snarkians had stripped Ensign Saki of her uniform. (Her red top lay shredded, meters away.)
    Would Kirk, Spock and McCoy find her in time to save her from these evil clones?

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