Apparently, one’s choice of Halloween costume is seldom a random one because people tend to choose costumes which fulfill some kind of subconscious fantasy about themselves. I can sort of buy that, because at various costume / fancy dress parties in my life, I’ve been variously: a Viking, an outlaw cowboy, a Roman emperor, a 50s rocker and an Elizabethan executioner (complete with axe).

So I get these costumes:

I am, however, having a little trouble with this one:

As Mr. Free Market (who sent me this picture) commented: “Just when you think you’ve seen the ultimate in weirdness, the Asians always seem to be able to take it just one step further.”


  1. What’s wrong with you people?
    Where’s the discussion of her poor trigger discipline?
    This is a KIM DU TOIT blog;
    standards must be upheld.

    I never thought this day would come…

    1. No kidding, as disturbing as that picture is it was the finger on the trigger that gets me the most!

  2. Little disappointed Kim, you missed Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira Mistress of the Dark. At age 63 she’d give any of those women a run for her money.

  3. “an Elizabethan executioner (complete with axe).”

    The late Jerry Pournelle had a costume back in the day which called for a double bladed axe; being a computer guy, he referred to it as his “double-sided double density hacking tool.”

    Bonus points for us Olde Geekes who remember what either double-sided or double density refers to.

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