A Better Class Of Dork

Over Here, ComiCon UK has just come to an end, and I have to say, the Brit cosplayers(?) seem to have a better handle on the whole costume thing. I know, that statement is no good without pitchurs, so:

They are kinda goofy (when not showing skin, of course), but sometimes our Murkin dorks seem just sad by comparison:

…but then again, we often get it right:

But just wait. There’s more below.


    1. LOL I liked her too… she’s actually quite gorgeous, but the costume is all wrong for her figure.

  1. Like the smilers. Absolutely detest the whole ‘poutier than thou’ thing. Wife-unit’s smile sealed the deal nigh on 28 years ago now.

  2. Kim, as someone who’s been going to various science fiction conventions since mumble-mumble, there’s people that can come up with amazing costumes, and then there’s the ones that haven’t realized they don’t have anywhere near the body to carry it off. Some people need to be banned from coming within 5 miles of Spandex….

    1. “…..banned from coming within 5 miles of Spandex‚Ķ.”
      Yup. There’s only three things in the world that never lie
      1. a drunk
      2. little children
      3. yoga pants

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