No Prompting Needed

According to that bastion of democracy, the United Nations, today (October 11) is the International Day Of The Girl, in which we need to “raise the awareness” (that fucking phrase again) of the struggle facing young women all over the world.

My initial suggestion would be to expel all Muslim-run countries from the United Nations, as most of the problems facing women in general can be attributed to those countries’ 9th-century attitudes towards our lady friends.

However, I’m all for raising awareness of the plight of young women, so let’s catalog a few desperate cases:

I mean, if this hapless girl has to drive a Gremlin to work every day, can any decent man be unmoved at her plight? And consider this poor girl’s situation:

Imagine having to navigate through the world every day on those awful shoes, with that superstructure throwing her off balance at every tottering step?

Then we have this unfortunate girl, who it appears has no home and is forced to sleep on the beach:

And finally, spare a thought for this impoverished child, who lives in a filthy back alley and can’t even afford clothing:

Consider your awareness (amongst other things) raised.


  1. My my, nice ever so fit young lassies. Then again, if it were not for a Gremlin class car with problems, would not have met and snared my wife (fairly close to #3). Bad as the Gremlin was (she had one before my time) the follow on TC4 which I worked on (worse mechanically if you can believe it), led to things which would not have concatenated as they did. C’est la vie mon ami.

  2. There is much misogyny in Moslem countries. But they don’t practice selective abortion of unborn girls. which is very commonplace in Hindu India, and in non-Moslem East Asia. India is also infected with “bride-burning”, in which a husband (and his family) murder a new wife after collecting a dowry. Female genital mutlation is widespread in both Moslem and non-Moslem African cultures.

    And I don’t think Moslems can be blamed for the cultural rot in the West which trains young women to be feminist harridans and/or sexual perverts while emasculating young men.

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