So in the ongoing search for a replacement for Nigella Lawson as my online fantasy woman extraordinaire, another contestant has come to mind: she’s over 50, somewhat classy — at least, she cleans up well — and boy… her other qualifications are shall we say, outstanding:

Now, I am not normally smitten by our Hispanic cousins, simply because I tend to prefer whiter-than-white skin, but let me tell you Salma Hayek gets me with her accent, too. I know that Mexican thing isn’t everybody’s favorite, but to me it’s cute and exoticย (video link). And did I mention her other attributes?

The only part of Salma which might cause me some concern is that she’s that excitable-Latina type — all drama and waving arms — and I prefer a quiet life.

So maybe the search will have to continue…


  1. Yup.

    She has the look of a woman that is mighty handy with a frying pan and a rolling pin, if ya catch my drift. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. She’s a little young at 37 but she has a great voice and she’s Welsh. That’s from a guy who descended from a family of northeastern Pennsylvania coal crackers.

  2. “sheโ€™s that excitable-Latina type โ€” all drama and waving arms…”

    And an extremely committed lefty. Very proud to have starred in the biopic of Stalin-worshiper Frida Kahlo.

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