Worrying Development

…or maybe I should say reduction instead of development.

Longtime Readers will know of my longtime infatuation with the wondrous Nigella Lawson:

However, of late there appears to be a lot less Nigella than there was before:

…and in fact, she looks positively skeletal nowadays:

I’cw always preferred bigger, full-figured women with hourglass figures, and Nigella probably epitomized that preference. But this disappearing act? I like it not.┬áMaybe it’s time to find another Real Woman, of more-appealing amplitude.

But I’m going to feel guilty about this; I’ve always been a one-woman kinda guy.

Then again:




  1. Kim, if Nigella knocks on your door this evening, I wish I could be there to watch you look that Gift Horse In The Mouth.

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