Still Hot

I don’t know why the Brits persist in calling the DWI/DUI offence “drink” driving — as Dennis Farina notably said, “You guys invented the fucking language; why don’t you speak it?” It’s drunk driving, FFS.

Anyway, I see that┬áSky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher has been banned from driving because she was three times over the limit. Don’t care; she’s still a total hottie:

Volunteers for the job of Kirsty Gallacher’s chauffeur: the line forms to the right, over there. No pushing and shoving.



  1. Doesn’t anyone have any sense of class anymore? Displaying yourself is one thing. But looking like a street walker is another.

  2. I’m with Emily on this one. I am getting the “sl*t vibe” of that gal. Also my “bat-shit crazy woman” alarms are going off too.
    I’m sure I’m wrong.

      1. Careful Laddie – half of my ancestors came from Scotland; and in this age of tribalism I claim some kinship. (Besides, some of them were cleared from the highlands, so I want compensation, too)!
        My clan were a very dour lot, Presbyterian and tight-laced. And I can no imagine any of them in a bathing suit, let alone in the water! I never saw granny Hood in a swimsuit, although I think she did dip her ankles in the sea once.

        Perhaps Miss Gallacher is Glaswegian. Glasgow is almost another country! Too much Irishness in Glasgow. (Then again, some of my ancestors are Irish)

  3. I would suggest tha the ‘drink driving’ construction reflects the priorities involved. ‘Drunk driving’ would imply that the driver is actually impaired. ‘Drink driving’ says that the government doesn’t care about actual impairment… just the the driver has had enough to drink to be over some arbitrary measure.

  4. Drink – Drank – DRUNK; as if a judge never took more than a wee dram on either side of the gavels slam! I’m an old “Tip ‘n Ring” phone man who’d be willing to instruct the young lady in a game we once fondly called “Telephone Man” – “One In the Mouth – One in the Ear”.

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