Gotta Have Pitchurs

I’m by no means a fan of horror movies — in fact, I avoid them like the plague for two reasons: either they’re so cheesy and horrible that they anger me, or else they’re so good that I have to sleep with the lights on.

Over at Insty’s, Stephen Green has a link to 7 Indispensable Horror Movies or something — which I don’t care about in the slightest — but he does suggest that any list of good horror movies which does not include at least one performance by Ingrid Pitt is suspect. Of course, Stephen should know better than to talk about the exquisite Miss Pitt when she is largely unknown outside the horror genre. So as a public service, allow me to rectify his oversight:


…and something a little more spicy:

You’re welcome, Stephen.


  1. Wow, I do remember her and Ingrid was an exquisite woman. For the most part I never liked horror movies either because they are so cheesy with stupid people who keep going, out there, in there, or wherever and meeting their gruesome demise with lots of gratuitous blood and gore, over and over and over and that’s the script most every time.

    As for Ingrid Pitt I did watch her in the movie Wicker Man which gave me nightmares and really creeped me out and I refuse to ever see it again and movies don’t really scare me except for that one which was pure evil.

  2. Ohhhgotstobe! Absolutely the best job of holding up a towel I’ve ever seen – and she does it hands free!

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