Random Beauties

One of the great things about being a polymath is that I may be searching for something, and along the way find something else of equal or even greater interest in the search. Before this Intarwebz thing came along, such delightful discoveries usually came at the library, where I’d be looking for a particular book, and then, while walking down the aisle looking for it, I’d suddenly find another book on the same topic which looked more interesting than the original object of my search. A twofer! And, of course, checking out two books instead of one was a bonus.

Even as a callow yoof, I did the same thing at home. I’d be looking up something in the Encyclopedia Britannica (of course we had a set of encyclopediae — didn’t everyone?) and be flipping through the pages when suddenly — what? What was that? And off I’d go along a tributary of discovery, finding out something of equal or even greater interest than my original quest. (My younger Readers may not know what the hell I’m talking about, at this point: “Library? Encyclopedia? What the hell is the old fart talking about?” to which I can only suggest that they ask their parents to explain.)

Nowadays, of course, we have the Internet; and while there’s this cornucopia of information out there, there’s also a lot of crap which sadly, neither informs or educates, but simply obfuscates or misleads. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

The other day I was looking for some biographical details on someone (forgotten whom), when I came across this little vision of loveliness:

Her name is Roxy Shahidi, she’s half-Iranian, and apparently she is in the cast of some forgettable British TV show (aren’t they all?). Whatever. Of course, I had to find some other examples of her pulchritude, just to make sure that wasn’t a lucky pic. Oh, good grief.

Sadly, of course, this is where a little too much information can spoil things: apparently young Roxy is a committed vegan, ergo as crazy as a sackful of cats. (I know, I know, she’s a British actress; can lunacy be far behind?)

But you have to admit: for a random discovery, she’s quite lovely.

Afterthought: I just remembered how I stumbled on Miss Roxy. I was searching for some information about American actress Sarah Shahi:

Coincidentally, Miss Shahi is also half-Iranian, so maybe that’s how the link came about. I don’t know if she is a vegan.


  1. Sarah Shahi, I remember her from the TV show LIFE. Loved that show, one season was not enough…

    1. Forrest – there were two seasons of Life; NBC didn’t help viewers any (or the show) by moving it to Friday nights. Both seasons are available on Netflix streaming, and Amazon has both the Seasons 1 and Season 2 DVDs.

      That said, I’ll concur with your sentiment; two seasons were not enough, it was a great show, but IIRC both seasons (season 1 had 11 episodes, season 2 had 21) was were filmed in one 10-month period because Lewis, Shahi and Dellahunt all had other scheduled committments, Shahi’s major committment being pregnancy, which is why she was not in several of late season 2 episodes, and camera angles and wardrobe were used to conceal it for the few scenes she was in.

  2. Something about Mediterranean/Middle Eastern women. They also make a nice mix with Anglos. Thanks for the eye candy.

  3. Ah, yes, encyclopedias. I grew up reading them cover to cover, dictionaries as well. I have said that once I learned to read, the only point of school, other than sports, was to learn how to play the saxophone. Of course, I not only learned to play sax, but since I actually had some talent in music, I watched, and learned to play most other instruments, except trombone. I had access to several horns, with brothers and a sister who played, so I could practice at home.
    I ended up as an All American musician my senior year. I get made fun of for the reading encyclopedias, but I actually know stuff that many people don’t. And yes, I am a male, and I love the beautiful women you showed. Well done.

    1. Best encyclopedia for random reading; the 11th Britannica (or the 13th, which has the same articles, plus new material, and is a LOT cheaper. The 11th is in demand by scholars.)

  4. one of my first possession’s was a complete encyclopedia Britannica. That was the gold standard of encyclopedia’s.

    The internet has done more to fracture my concentration than any other collection of knowledge. if this is knowledge.

    Oh, and all women are bat crap crazy. if you are lucky you will find one that complements your crazy and you will be happy for a time.

  5. Parents got a Britannica when I was- eight? On cold winter nights when the folks were watching some crap I didn’t want to see, I read them. Yeah, I can wikiwander for days.

  6. “(I know, I know, she’s a British actress; can lunacy be far behind?)”

    There is an excess word in there, and it is “British”.

    I do not EVER expect actors or actresses to be sane. Their business is to emote, strongly enough for it to register across the lights or to the camera, on demand. There are some who have lived reasonable lives and do not appear to have any serious holes in their heads. But they are not the rule.

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