On The Road (1)

Blogging will be scarce, and possibly even of lower quality than normal, as I’m driving to visit a friend in another state. (No flying until I have to, thank you very much.) I’ll try to post while on the road, but I’ll be at the mercy of the Fleabagge Motel’s wi-fi, so if nothing appears, that’s the reason.

In the meantime, enjoy a little eye candy:

It’s the Beretta Model 75 in .22LR, and it’s the gun I learned to shoot handguns with. I’ve been spoiled ever since by the experience.

Oh, you wanted that kind of eye candy? For shame, for shame. Okay, here’s Janine Turner, suitably dressed:



  1. Every time I think you’re back and have really hit your stride, you go and post something like this… and I realize you were just getting warmed up. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed these posts. And Janine Turner.

  2. I do like beautiful conservative Texas ladies like Janine Turner and add Angie Harmon to that too.

  3. Yup. Lovely lady.

    My first pistol was a Colt Woodsman. Later, a lovely inheritance was my grandmother’s “squirrel gun”, a 4″ First Model Woodsman.

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