Then And Now (1)

Speaking as a guy who’s well on the downward slope, I want to talk a little about getting old. No, we’re not going to have some cranky comments about stiffening joints and so on: this is Sunday, when we celebrate beauty.

For some reason, European actresses aren’t as obsessed with youthfulness as Anglo-American women are, and most especially American women. Yes, there are some who go under the knife in the American fashion, but “growing old gracefully” seems to be a more common feature of European women.

I know: this post is yuseless wiffout pitchurs. Here’s Belgian actress Ann Courvels, then and now:

Yeah, she’s obviously older, a little plumper… but good grief, what a woman.

Then of course, we have the second example, this time one of my favorite all-time beauties, French actress Anouk Aimée, then (age 25):

…and now (in her seventies):

Excuse me… fifty years, and that’s the worst that Time can do to her?

As for why she’s one of my favorites of all time, here’s why. Mostly, she played it classy:

…but when she didn’t:

As I’ve always said: true beauty is ageless. Not to mention sexy.


  1. It is sad but true. Men can actually look better as they age. Or at least, look no worse. Women do not.

  2. Anouk…..”A Man and A Woman”…….perfectly wonderful movie with a great looking woman, and great cars….with her leading man, Jean Louis Trintignant (playing a racing driver), who was the nephew of Maurice Trintignant, a two-time winner of the Monaco GP.
    And, did I mention the MUSIC!

  3. Many women look BETTER at 50 than they did at 20. Case in point; Lee Meredith. In THE PRODUCERS she played a blonde bimbo secretary. Young, bouncy, and frankly about as interesting as the blow-up doll she was playing. Go watch the ‘extras’ on the DVD of the film. They interview her about her part. She’s something like 30 years older, and WOW! She’s grown her own face. She looks like a person, not a doll. She’s beautiful in a way she absolutely WASN’T in 1968.

    Or look at Katherine Hepburn in BRINGING UP BABY vs THE LION IN WINTER.

    The race by little Hollywood twits to have so much ‘work’ done that they are no longer biodegradable is a tragedy.

  4. Seems to me that some “rust” as they age while others acquire a fine “patina”.

    I can’t explain it, but I’m more attracted to Helen Mirren now than I was when she was young.

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